What is the Wedged?

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What is the Wedged?

We spent a while deciding on a name for the cite. Still don’t know what the wedged means but it sounds legit. Overall better than some of the original choices of yeetco.com or breakneckco.com. Also glad we decided to not make our logo a wedge of cheese. If we had the money to buy a high quality name we wouldn’t be starting a blog. I think the biggest obstacles to getting this thing started were building the site itself and just grinding through the first post and I’d say the both took an equal amount of effort.

This site was started by me (Ryan) and my friend Nick. We figured we’re never going to have as much time as we do during a nationwide shutdown so nows as good of a time as any to start a website. We’re both seniors about to graduate college and I think a mix of not wanting to get an office job and just wanting to create something led us to a website. We figured we talk about some funny shit anyway so why not just do it professionally.

We’ll see where this site ends up in a year. Hopefully we didn’t sellout and become corporate stiffs by then but it’s easy to say that when you’re forced by the government to be unemployed.



Included in the list of names we almost got would be clowncoverage.com and onlyhomies.com(which was too expensive). As you can guess from reading these names, we really have no idea what we want out of this yet, hopefully it starts to shape itself in the years to come.

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