Marble Racing is the World Cup of Quarantine

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Marble Racing is the World Cup of Quarantine

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say marble racing has been the most entertaining sporting event since the shutdown of major sports. Granted this could just be me trying filling the void of the first hopeful celtics seasons since 2011 but I’m going to just keep repressing those emotions.

Marble racing takes literally every good aspect of nascar and compresses it into a quick 10 minute thrill ride. I’m probably already making any nascar fans pissed off and I’m glad I am. Your sport sucks and it can be replaced by 10 marbles on a metal track.

Not only does it have a track that can switch up every race but the marble elevator’s randomness leaves you at the edge of your seat. You can go from riding high to heartbreak with one bad bounce. It’s really the perfect gambler addict fuel. Me and my friends put $5 on a marble before the first race and it went from a casual night to game 7 intensity within 5 minutes.

I don’t expect this to take off or even last longer than the summer but it filled that void for a night and that’s all it needed to do.

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