Rick and Morty: All 40 Episodes Ranked

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Rick and Morty: All 40 Episodes Ranked

Rick and Morty Episodes Ranked

Aw Jeez...

Here's a Ranking of all 40 Rick and Morty Episodes

Ryan and I, ranked our favorite Rick and Morty episodes in order of best to worst…

#1 The Ricklantis Mixup

Season 3, Episode 7

“Come home to simple Rick.”

“Same old story just Mortys killing Mortys.”


Total Rickall (S2, E4)

“Ooh, whee! Amen to that. Now, this little poopypants is hungry. Will somebody pass me a pork chop?”

Interdimential Cable 2 (S2 E8)

“Baby legs, you’re a good detective, but not good enough, cause of your baby legs.” 



Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind
(S1 E10)

“Praise the one true Morty”


Never Ricking Morty (S4, E6)

“A literal literary device quite literally metaphorically containing us”

Morty’s Mind Blowers (S3, E8)

“I-I can’t go on like this with the Truth Tortoise shit in my head”


Meeseeks and Destroy (S1 E5)

“Hey Jerry, you mind if we get back to the task at hand? Meeseeks don’t usually have to exist this long. It’s getting weird.”

Rixty Minutes (S1, E8)

“Its light, bright and its sneezy deezy mc… delux.”


Wedding Squanchers (S2, E10)

“I squanch my family”

Rixty Minutes (S1, E8)

“yeeaahhh we like it down here cus we can fuck wooly mammoths, get out!”


Rattlestar Ricklactica (S4, E5)


Never Ricking Morty (S4, E6)

“Tickets please…”



Rest and Ricklaxation (S3, E6)

“Let me put this real simple. This stock is a beautiful redhead, recently single, not looking to date but ready to fall in love, and fate has put her locker two down from yours”

Promortyus (S4, E7)

“So you did a 9/11?” 



Star Mort (S4, E10)

“Earth’s going tah tah. You might wanna do that thing where you find a new universe where you can suck yourself off.”

Look Who’s Purging Now (S2, E9)

“Three weeks earlier”



The Ricks Must Be Crazy (S2, E6)

“Well, that just sounds like slavery with extra steps.”

Total Rickall (S2, E6) 

“Well, that just sounds like slavery with extra steps.”


11) The Rickshank Rickdemption

12) Rickle in Time

13) One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty

14) Mortynight Run

15) Edge of Tomorty

16) M. Night Shaym-Aliens

17) Promortyus

18) Vat of Acid

19) Anatomy Park

20) Get Schwifty

21) Lawnmower Dog

22) Big Trouble in Little Sanchez

23) Rick Potion #9

24) Vindicators

25) Interdimensional Cable 2

26) Raising Gazorpazorp

27) Auto Erotic Assimilation

28) Look Who’s Purging Now

29) Ricksy Business

30) Old Man and the Seat

31) Morty’s Mind Blowers

32) Rixty Minutes

33) Whirly Dirly

34) Rickmancing the Stone

35) Something Ricked this Way Comes

36) Childrick of Mort

37) Rickchurian Mortydate

38) Pickle Rick

39) Claw and Hoarder

40) ABC’s of Beth


11) The Vat of Acid Episode

12) Pickle Rick

13) Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender

14) Mortynight run

15) Meeseeks and Destroy

16) Lawnmower dog

17) One Crew over the

18)Crewcoo’s Morty

19) M. Night Shaym-Aliens

20) Lawnmower dog

21) Auto Erotic Assimilation

22) The Ricks must be Crazy

23) One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty

24) Wedding squanchers

25) Rattlestar Ricklatica

26) Rest and Ricklaxation

27) Raising Gazorpazorp

28) Old man and the Seat

29) something Ricked this way comes

30) childrick of mort

31) rickchurian morydate

32) Rick Potion #9

33) Edge of Tomorty

34) Anatomy Park

35) The Rickshank redemption

36) Star Mort

37) Whirly Dirly

38) Rickle in time

39) ABC’s of Beth

40)Get Schwifty

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